Travelling solo in India? We got you!


India is a very large country and has many cultures and traditions along with a variety of languages. Therefore, it becomes interesting to explore India and helps to discover more about India. Travelling in India is fun and filled with excitement and enthusiasm as you get to witness the Taste and flavour of every religion according to the place and culture.

Family outings, group trips or couple vacations has always been a priority to the people in India. Agreed, it’s fun with a group but why not travel solo for once in our own mother country, India? Many Indian travellers have that one wishes to travel solo the world then why not India? Yes, India is a vast country but travelling solo an equally be fun but one must follow some important tips while exploring solo in India.

  • Select a destination – Firstly, it is very important to select a destination. A destination can be a city or a state or a place. All you need to do is tick a destination and research about it and then plan for it. As you’re a solo traveller, you must decide the destination carefully where you can explore it according to your convenience by overcoming your fears.

  • Pack your essentials – Once you select the destination, it is very important to keep in mind to carry some of your essentials. It can be your phone, bag, book or camera. It depends on you what you want to carry but then basic things need to be carried so that you stay in contact with your closed ones through social media or phone and that you won’t be alone and have someone with you every time.
  • Know your strengths and weakness beforehand – It is important for a solo traveller to know about itself better than others. Be it a male solo traveller or female solo traveller, you should be instant in wit and know-how to deal with things if any obstacle occurs. Better be aware of any fraudulent activities around you and always be aware of your surroundings wherever you are planning to go. Know when to walk in and when to walk away.
  • Explore, discover and learn – Travelling solo is just not an experience but it is all about discovering, exploring and learning about the destination which you have selected to go for. Learn the local language of the place and communicate with the local people over there. Apart from this, you can also explore and discover more about the place by doing some research and by knowing the history about the place as well.

  • Eat nicely – Food is important if you go anywhere. As we all know India is a vast country, therefore it is obvious to find many varieties in food at various places according to its style and culture, as a result, when you select the destination, make sure that you taste the local cuisine of that place and go to the famous restaurant to satisfy your appetite with the mesmerizing flavors of that specific region.

  • Don’t just go for bookings or luxurious hotels – This time you are a traveler and not a tourist. And when you’re a traveler you need to learn to get around and opt for places which are friendly rather than going to some expensive hotel and just gazing around. Go for rental apartments or hostels that will arrange a friendly accommodation for you. You can know about the place and transportation better by asking the local people staying around you.
  • Learn to say “No” – We totally understand the warm greetings of people around us while visiting our destination. But if you are travelling solo, you never know what all you must face and come across many kind of people. So, it is better to learn the local language and more important is to say “no” to the people who look unfamiliar to you.
  • Take pictures, videos and capture the moment – You already know what to carry and what not to. So, it is obvious to take pictures and videos about the destination or the place where you are visiting. But along with pictures, what you need to do is capture the moment and make it a good memory. click whatever you like and take videos of whatever you love it. Don’t think about who is watching or not but just for yourself, gather all your moments in pictures because photographs will reflect your stories and stay forever.

Travelling Solo is just not about overcoming your fears and cross your limitations. But it is all about taking risks and dealing with obstacles boldly. India is land of many cultures and traditions and therefore travelling solo in India would be of wonderful experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get ready to explore India in a spectacular way.

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