Things you definitely can’t miss when you’re in Kolkata

Kolkata is very well known as “The City Of Joy”. Probably the people staying over there are Bengalis. Though we tend to find people belonging to other religions and cultures as well. But Bengalis are found more. Kolkata is not just famous for its rich culture, arts, and traditions but also is famous for sweets and varieties of fish. Bhapa Ilish is one of its kind and in addition to it, you just cannot miss a few things if you visit Kolkata.

*Sweets of Bengal – Rosogulla, Sondesh, Chamcham, Misti Doii are some of the famous sweets that you can find when you visit Kolkata. Bengalis are famous for their sweet tooth and therefore you will get a variety of sweets over here. Pack it, bring it or just eat it.  Even though if you don’t like sweets, but once you try these, for sure you’ll love them.

*Momos – How can we forget about this dish that is now famous all over. Momos are totally basic but then if you taste the momos that are served in Kolkata you will seriously love it. Right from tandoori momo to chocolate momo, you’ll be impressed to see a variety of momos over here. Also, you will get to have Thukpa soup along with momo which has a brilliant taste. 

*Victoria Memorial Hall and Garden – One of the ancient monument built by the Britishers is the Victoria Memorial Hall and Garden which was built for Queen Victoria that still stands tall now. Kolkata is beautiful but this monument adds more beauty with its ancient architecture that was built many years ago.

*Bhaarer chaa – Typically this sounds like Bengali. But the tea served here is in a clay cup. If you visit Kolkata you need to try this. Having a cup of tea is common. To do something unique is to try this “Bhaarer Chaa” that is equally tasty with a friendly budget.


*Street food – Apart from restaurants and hotels, try having food from the food joints and small outlets that are spread across this city of joy. Right from fish finger, chops and cutlets, you will get everything on a friendly budget. The best part here is you get to eat in an affordable budget.

So if you visit Kolkata the next time, you know what not to miss for sure!


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